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Income tax return
DKS helps you complete income tax liability while you work in Korea by paying your income tax from our budget and reimbursing you later.
According to Korean Tax Act, a foreign resident and non-resident who have resided in Korea longer than 6 months are subject to income tax on all personal earning while working in Korea. Evidence of income tax payment will be required when you need to avoid double taxation from your own country, and when working visa is renewed.

As a foreign professional, you may opt one between 'progressive rate tax' and 'flat rate tax' to pay income tax in Korea. In case you pay using progressive rate tax, a tax consultant will simulate tax compuation using your annual salary and deduction(or credit) information. If you chose flat rate tax, 20.9% of salary will be filed as your income tax. Please contact us for more details.

Progressive rate tax Flat rate tax
Who uses Korean nationals and Foreign workers Foreign workers
Tax rate 6 to 42% 20.9% (including local income tax)
Tax deduction/credit claim Available Not available
Tax refund Available Not available