"We've got five major business segments,
Manpower, Procurement, Accommodation, Logistics and New shipbuilding agency."

Meet & Greet
DKS offers no-fuss airport pick-up service to our clients and families. Please enjoy comfortable ride from airport to your final destination with cosy vehicles. Please contact us before you board so that we will be able to wait and greet you at the Kimhae International Airport.
We provide you with meet and greet services from experienced, professional staffs and drivers who know the safe and fastest routes to get you wherever you go.

We provide the following solutions.

  • Meet new arrivals at Airport and transfer to either accommodation apartment or Site office in shipyards.
  • Provide apartment induction including all elements
  • Provision of contact and support phone numbers, emergency phone numbers and other useful information
  • Provide Local Introduction package
  • For further details, GUIDE BOOKLET will be arranged