"We've got five major business segments,
Manpower, Procurement, Accommodation, Logistics and New shipbuilding agency."

Our Services
With five major business segments, manpower, procurement, accommodation, logistics and new shipbuilding agency, we pursue customer's satisfaction by focusing customer's demands to achieve mutual benefits.
Have skilled, trained and reliable English speaking personnel to assist the Client's staff in various day to day activities in all disciplines. We provide you specialized personnel who have qualified and experienced offshore & new building projects and ...
DKS offers no-fuss airport pick-up service to our clients and families. Please enjoy comfortable ride from airport to your final destination with cosy vehicles. Please contact us before you board so that we will be able to wait and greet you at the Kimhae ...
DKS provides you with the most comfortable accommodations, western style single-family houses, terrace houses, villas and apartments. You may move into whenever you need.
DKS offers fully integrated suites of project procurement services that cut supply management costs including local & international purchasing and supply, forwarding with technical support.
DKS manufacturing management team enables customers to process effectively, to make real-time manufacturing decisions, to ensure quality & cost, and to improve delivery performance.
To support Clients' Supply Chain Management, we help to determine the effectiveness and efficiency that affect a project in order to meet customers' requirements.
DKS has experienced over 17 years for shipping agency business and it allows us to provide best services to our clients that are related new ship building project and shipping business all over the world.
DKS provides BOSIET(Basic offshore Safetly Induction Emergency Training Courses), OPITO and HUET(Helicopter Underwater Escape TRaining) courses with comfortable facilities like transportation, accmmodation and meals.
According to Korean Tax Act, a foreign resident and non-resident who have worked longer than 6 months in Korea are liable to income tax on income while working in Korea. DKS provides income tax return service for expats working in Korea.